The Future of the Digital Signage Revolution is Outdoors

Digital Signage is becoming a common expression but it is really just a fancy expression to describe the use of TV systems like LCDs or plasma used for advertising, information and other messages.

This new, digital out of home advertising – as it is often called (DooH), is a more dynamic method of signage and traditional print media for reporting information and advertising but because of the dynamic nature of digital signage there are other potential applications too. Unlike print media, using a DooH system messages can be updated, altered and scheduled at will and can be used to influence customer behaviour.

The uptake of digital signage systems has been incredible. It is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world and as the price of the technology continues to fall, more and more investment in these dynamic signage systems is expected.

One of the growing areas for this new media is locating LCDs or plasmas outside. Outdoor digital signage is increasing in popularity because the potential audience of an outdoor system is far greater than an indoor system.

Placing LCDs and plasma in outdoor locations provides dynamic high street advertising that is both attractive and functional. All sorts of businesses and organisations are finding a use for outdoor digital signage, from digital menu boards outside restaurants to large screen advertising on the sides of buildings, digital outdoor signage is incredibly flexible.

Implementing LCDs or plasmas outdoors is not that straightforward though. Plasmas and LCD screens are very vulnerable to weather conditions and the varying and extreme temperatures of outdoor locations.

Outdoor protection for LCD TV screens is available in the guise of outdoor LCD enclosures. These all-weather LCD cabinets not only provide a waterproof barrier to allow the LCD or plasma to function in the rain but also they contain added cooling and heating systems.

Other protective technologies are implemented in outdoor digital signage too. In areas that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, anti-glare screens are required to ensure the LCD screen is readable whilst air curtains are often implemented to prevent hotspots caused by direct sunlight.

Outdoor LCD Enclosures allow the safe use of almost any standard off-the-shelf LCD or plasma screen from small 20” screens to giant 70”+ TVs for use in outdoor digital signage.

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