LCD Enclosures – when TVs need to be protected

While nearly everybody reading this ill have a TV at home, and most probably a modern flat screen like an LCD; the home is no longer the only location a television is found.

Modern TVs like the LCD are used in all sorts of locations for a wide variety of tasks:

Outdoor TVs

Increasingly, becoming common outside pubs, bars and even in people’s back yards an outdoor TV for entertainment use requires many facets standard devices used in homes do not:

Weatherproofing, extended temperature range and the ability to withstand impacts and attempts at theft are all important to prevent the TV from becoming disabled (or stolen).

Digital signage

Perhaps the largest users outside of entertainment are advertisers and promoters. Digital advertising and even outdoor digital signage are two growing industries. The screens used here also need protection especially outdoor screens and those left in unmanned locations.

Industrial screens

Industrial areas are also increasingly relying on LCD screens for everything from providing information to workers to displaying production schedules. Industrial areas can be even harsher locations for screens than even outdoor areas so protection from the elements is crucial in many factory floors and other industrial locations.

Institutions such as prisons

Prisons, hospitals and other institutions require a two-tiered level of protection for their TV devices. Not only does the TV have to be protected from damage from the residents or inmates but equally the residents have to be protected from the screen so any TV device in such a location must be designed so it can’t be used as a weapon or a device to commit self-harm.

Animal enclosures

And human beings are not the only ones that enjoy watching TV. In many zoos and animal parks, particularly those that house apes, televisions are used for entertainment too – and obviously that means similar levels of protection to prevent the animals from hurting themselves or destroying the device.

LCD enclosures – Cost effective and comprehensive protection for almost any location

LCD enclosures offer the perfect protection for all of these applications for TV devices. Waterproof and weatherproof; able to withstand the rigours of industry; temperature controlled; and manufactured from solid steel with anti-vandal and theft technologies, LCD enclosures also enable standard devices to be used in the above areas – providing a far cheaper solution than rugged, outdoor and solid state devices.

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