Steel Protection for Outdoor Screens

Screens are now becoming increasingly common in outdoor locations. From digital advertising, outdoor digital signage, information screens to outdoor TVs for entertainment; there are a myriad of outdoor uses for modern flatscreen LCDs and plasma TVs.

Protection for these devices is critical in outdoor locations as most screens used for digital signage, advertising or information, are not originally designed for external use. Weatherproofing is one of the most obvious forms of protection required, but there are other aspects to protecting an outdoor screen.

Physical protection is one attribute of outdoor digital signage that is often overlooked; however, it is to the detriment of the installers and screen owners, as damaged screens in outdoor locations are an all too common problem.

When a screen gets damaged, either through accident, or in many cases, vandalism, it means that not only does the screen have to be replaced, but in the meantime the display is not working, and a dead screen is not generating an income – reducing the ability to get a return on the initial investment and costing additional money to replace or repair the unit.

Many outdoor screens can fall foul of vandalism too, especially in unsupervised locations which is why many installers are now protecting their screens with a steel outdoor LCD enclosure.

A steel LCD enclosure will not only provide durability and all round physical protection, ensuring the display can withstand even the most determined vandal, but they also provide weatherproof protection and temperature control, enabling standard commercial grade screens designed for indoor use to be taken outdoors.

Steel LCD enclosures are often fitted with shatterproof screens and tamper proof locks, especially when they are installed in unsupervised locations and provide enough security that the screens can be left unattended without fear of theft, vandalism or accidental damage.

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