Standalone All-in-one Digital Signage – simple and engaging

Digital signage sued to be a complicated business, anybody wanting to install signs around a retail store required half a dozen experts to install, network, generate content and maintain the screens.

All-in-one floor standing unit

Now, with the falling cost of LCD displays and an increase in manufacturers, now installing a digital signage system can be incredibly simple.

All-in-one digital signage systems contain all the hardware necessary to operate and run a digital signage campaign. Often housed in a floor-standing enclosure, the all-in-one system contains both high definition screen and media player, enabling the uploading of content through a simple USB socket.

Floor standing units provide many benefits for a digital signage campaign. Unlike poster systems that are positioned flat against a wall and are easily missed by an audience, floor-standing digital signage units are prominent and provide a noticeable feature.

Ideally positioned in aisles, near checkouts, entrances and opposite elevators, floor-standing units provide an ideal platform to engage customers in a retail environment.

With fully integrated media player, most of these all-in-one systems provide some fundamental benefits, such as:

  • Playback, loop play and shuffle play
  • Both audio and video playback
  • Compatible with most major video, audio an image codecs, including MPEG-1,MPEG-2, MPEG-3, MPEG-4 MP3,VOB,AVI
  • Memory Cards systems compatible most standard SD card formats
  • Auto play
  • Built-in stereo speakers

With a wide range of sizes available including the most common 32”, 36” and 42” sizes, these floor-standing units are ideal for almost any indoor environment. However, these types of standalone system are not suitable for locations near external doors where windblown dust and rain could get into the system..

Floor standing outdoor enclosures do provide a simple and effective method in these locations, however. Also available in a variety of sizes, there is room enough inside the enclosure to house both the screen and a media player enabling simple and effective digital signage.

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