Signage in the Digital Age

Getting the message across is just as important today as it was at the turn of the century. Making people aware of products, services and important information is essential for all businesses and always has been but the revolution in media devices over the last few years has made it ever easier to get that all important message to the masses.

Outdoor digital signage
has become somewhat of a revolution in out of home advertising thanks largely to the falling costs of display devices such as LCD and plasma.

It is now no more expensive to install and LCD screen for the purposes of signage as it is to employ a professional sign writer. Furthermore, digital signage allows for so much more than standard 2D signs, with moving images, sound and videos easily integrated and the entire media campaign is instantly changeable and flexible.

That’s aid there are a few challenges in digital signage and it is not just a case of erecting LCD TVs to display advertising, LCDs do need to be protected as they can be easily damaged and when digital signage is placed in hazardous areas such as factory floors or outdoors then additional protection is required to keep out the hostile elements (such as dust, dirt and water).

LCD enclosures
are one solution that companies employ for these areas. These protective cases for LCDs and plasmas allow their use almost anywhere and as most manufacturers of LCD enclosure adhere to the European IP rating system it is easy to establish the type of protection they offer and therefore the locations the digital signage can be placed.

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