Screenmedia Expo Demonstrates Exciting Future for Outdoor Digital Signage

The 2009 Screenmedia Expo in London’s Olympia over the last few days has provided a glimpse of some of the new technologies and applications for digital signage.

As LCD enclosure specialist’s, Armagard we were especially interested in many of many of the new applications and innovations for outdoor digital signage.

With exhibitors from across the globe it was clear that digital outdoor signage is expanding globally and is set to change the shape of our high streets.

It was fascinating to see some of the new LCD technologies that enhance the digital signage experience in outdoor locations and under bright light. It was also clear that the use of LCD now far outweighs the presence of plasma.

Few exhibitors of plasma technology were present at Screenmedia 2009 which is a certainly an inkling that the future digital signage technology is going to be predominately LCD based.

It was interesting for an outdoor digital signage and waterproof LCD enclosure manufacturer to see many of our competitors and the way they protect their outdoor digital signage form the elements.

IP65 and IP66 LCD enclosures were common and while may found very clever technology solutions we are confident at Armagard that we are leading the way in outdoor digital signage and LCD enclosure protection.

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