The Growth of the Outdoor Digital Signage Market

While growth in the majority of the digital signage sector seems to be levelling out, one aspect of this modern advertising sector is continuing to expand.

The outdoor digital signage market is still growing rapidly. Last year the outdoor sector was worth $3.5 billion which is double what the industry sector was worth the year before, and it is expected to expand.

Whiles still a lot smaller than the indoor market, there are more opportunities in outdoor digital signage. Outdoor advertising is certainly not a new industry but the static signs and posters that litter the high streets are now being replaced with new dynamic versions.

Electronic billboards along roadsides, digital posters along high streets and screens used in stations and airports are now becoming commonplace, helped largely to the increase in outdoor specific display technology.

High brightness screens, outdoor LCD enclosures and improvements in networking have meant that placing screens outdoors is no longer as challenging a task as has traditionally been.

Many low power consuming devices have also aided the outdoor digital signage market as screens used in outdoor advertising are generally required to operate 24 hours a day without downtime so low powered systems can provide a cost effective system.

Reliability of LCD screens is also a factor for the same reasons; this is why many outdoor digital signage installers opt to use LCD enclosures fitted with climatic systems to ensure the correct temperatures and environment for the screen to operate.

But digital signage is not the only reason people are taking screens outdoors. One of the unforeseen effects of the smoking ban has been the growth of outdoor TV screens, many of which use similar technologies to the digital signage market.

So whether it is outdoor TV entertainment, digital advertising or information provision – outdoor screens are continuing to increase in both technological terms and quantity.

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