Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage from Vandalism and Impacts

One of the most important aspects of running a digital signage campaign is to ensure the screens are fully operational. A dead screen is not only losing revenue it is halting any progression towards getting a return on the investment of installing screens in outdoor locations.

Outdoor digital screens have to be well-protected from the weather – otherwise they will soon fail tome the first rainstorm, or frozen morning but protecting outdoor screens goes much further than that.

Vandalism is an all too common problem in some urban areas. Graffiti and wanton damage is a sad fact of life and ensuring any outdoor screen is protected against such incidents is important to ensure the continued operation of you outdoor advertising campaign.

Protecting the screen

The most vulnerable area on an outdoor TV is the screen itself; a smashed screen will mean installing a new LCD device but there are means of protecting the screen from impacts.

Shatterproof screens should be installed in the front of any outdoor LCD device to ensure the screen is safe from impact but it also serves as to ensure no injury can be sustained as a result of a damaged screen – broken glass could leave the owners of the outdoor digital signage liable for injury compensation.

Outdoor LCD Enclosure

The screen is not the only area of an outdoor digital screen signage device that needs protecting. Ensuring no tools or digits can get inserted inside the device is also important. Not only will this prevent liability for any injury is somebody attempts to tamper or steal the device but equally it will protect the device from harm too.

Any outdoor TV device should be housed in a protective enclosure but there can be cost savings made here also. Many LCD enclosures are designed for the outdoor market and are therefore waterproof so there is no need to invest in expensive outdoor LCD TVs. The savings made in using standard commercial grade TVs can be quite substantial and as the LCD enclosure will offer the vandalism protection required it becomes an all-round solution.

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