Protecting Computer Hardware in the Harshest of Conditions

Computers are now an essential in almost every industry and business. They are used to maximise efficiency, reduce waste, ensure processes are running smoothly and in many cases controlling machinery and systems.

Because of our reliance on computer systems, PC, monitors, printers and display devices are to be found in a variety of locations but unfortunately not all of them are congenial to the safe working of sensitive electronics.

Dust, water, extreme temperatures, vibrations and heavy impacts are just some of the extreme hazards that face computers and electronic equipment in industrial, factory and outdoor locations.

Keeping this equipment protected and ensuring it continues to function regardless of the environment is often achieved by using industrial computer enclosure, printer enclosures or display and LCD enclosures.

The protective enclosures are designed to keep out any foreign particles and liquids, not to mention protecting against temperatures, vibrations and heavy impact.

Often they are designed to European and North American standards to ensure their use in certain environments. In Europe this is referred to as the IP rating (Ingress Protection) where the standards IP65, IP 54 and IP 66 are the most commonly used for computer, printer and display enclosures.

In the US, NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) govern the standards for electronic enclosures with the NEMA 4 rating offering similar protection to the European IP65.

The advantage of using industrial computer enclosures, printer enclosures and display/LCD enclosures are that they house standard computer, print and display equipment. Not only does that make the technology that enclosed cost effective but also it allows the user to select the type of hardware that is required. The alternative to industrial computer enclosures is to use intrinsic industrial computer systems that are often far more expensive and less flexible and advnanced as standard equipment.

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