Press Release – LCD Enclosure and Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturer Continues to Grow Despite Recession.

Armagard, manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures and protection for computers, touch screens and printers for the digital signage market have admitted that 2009 has been a bumper year, despite the recession. The UK based manufacturer has seen profits rise continually throughout the year despite the UK being one of the only western countries to still be officially in recession.

The company, who supply protective enclosures for LCD TVs, computers, printers and touch screens say the success of the company is due to the burgeoning digital signage market and the company’s presence in European and US markets.

‘We are fortunate that we have still been able to expand this year and having a presence in Europe and the US meant that we haven’t been solely reliant on the struggling UK market,’ said a spokesman for the company.

The global digital signage market is continuing to expand and the value in the US alone is expected to reach $3.5 billion by 2011.

Armagard’s LCD enclosures and outdoor digital signage systems allow the use of conventional LCD and plasma displays to be used in outdoor environments. Weatherproof and solidly built from mild steel with shatterproof polycarbonate screen, Armagard’s LCD enclosures are lockable, secure and can protect against theft and vandalism.

Armagard’s LCD enclosures are sealed to European and USA guidance ratings (IP54 – IP65 and NEMA 4) ensuring their waterproof and weatherproof qualities and coming from Europe’s leading supplier of display, computer and printer protection an Armagard LCD enclosure is guaranteed for five years.

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