Position Matters – effective placement of digital signage displays

Digital signage can be an effective method of communication. From advertising to information provision, a digital signage screen is a flexible, eye-catching and efficient method of getting your message across. However, a badly placed screen is not going to maximise the effectiveness of digital signage, so making sure a screen is placed in the right location is key for successful digital signage implementation.

 Whether it’s digital signage screens used in retail to promote brands and products, to information screens in public buildings, making sure the screen is prominent is essential to ensure its effectiveness.

Indoor Digital Signage Displays

Indoor areas are full of all sorts of things that compete for people’s attention s a badly positioned digital signage screen could easily be missed. This is never more apparent than in retail environments, where sale items and other signage can make a screen virtually invisible if it’s not in the right place.

One of the best locations to attract people’s attention with a digital signage display is near the entrance so it becomes the first thing they see when they enter a store or building. However, a screen placed too high, such as suspended from a ceiling, or positioned flat against a wall, will not be as noticeable as a screen positioned at eye-level.

But how do you position a screen at eye-level near and entrance? The key is in the digital signage enclosure. A floor-standing enclosure, often called a totem digital signage system, is a freestanding unit that stands at eye-level. This provides a prominent method of digital signage implementation, which is highly noticeable, far more so than wall-mounted digital posters and ceiling mounted displays screens.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital Signage has to work even harder than indoor signage to get noticed. This is because the dwell time for an outdoor screen s far lower, a few seconds at most, and outdoor environments have far more distractions.

Again, an ideal place for positioning an outdoor digital signage screen is near an entrance. Whether it’s a school or college wanting to relay important information to students and staff, or a retailer or transport hub, by placing a screen near to an entrance you can be sure to communicate with everybody that enters.

As with indoor screens, eye-level is key for an outdoor screen. Outdoor digital signage enclosures provide the same sort of digital signage display unit as those for indoor environments, except, obviously, an outdoor digital signage totem provides protection against the weather and variable temperatures of an outdoor environment.

Outdoor digital signage screens are often viewed from farther away than indoor screens, so larger screens are more effective at being noticed. For this reason, outdoor digital signage totems come in sizes up to 70”, which provides a large, eye-catching form of outdoor screen that is near impossible to miss.

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