Outdoor TV Enclosure for Protecting LCDs Outside

Many different reasons exist as to why people wish to use a TV screen outdoors. Businesses are keen to promote their products with outdoor digital signage, service industries such as transport companies wish to keep patrons informed of timetabling and delays, whilst householders and bar and pub landlords, are deploying TVs outside for entertainment.

Whatever the reason, deploying a screen in an outdoor location is fraught with challenges as ensuring the screen is kept dry, running at a reliable temperature, and is physically protected, are all important aspects for using LCDs outside.

Weather protection is crucial for LCD screens as rain, snow, sleet and even wind blown debris can disable a screen if allowed to penetrate. Many outdoor screens are placed in outdoor LCD enclosures to provide this weatherisation.  But the outdoor TV cabinets have other benefits too:

LCD enclosures not only provide waterproofing for LCD screens, equally they also ensure the screens are operating in exactly the right temperatures too, with thermostatically controlled heaters and cooling fans installed inside the enclosure to ensure a constant temperature throughout the year.

They also offer physical protection which is crucial for using outdoor screens, especially if they are to be left unattended or unsupervised overnight.  LCD enclosures are typically manufactured from steel and have vandalproof screens and other anti-tamper components.

Because of all these protective properties, and the fact that LCD enclosures can house almost any standard LCD device, these outdoor cabinets are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor digital signage, outdoor TV viewing and for housing outdoor information screens and are being installed in all sorts of outdoor locations from the high street to ski resorts, making them a comprehensive method of protecting screens in hostile locations.

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