LCD Enclosures – The Last Word in Outdoor Digital Signage Protection

Outdoor digital signage is one of the most effective forms of out of home advertising. No other advertising system can reach as many people for the same start up costs which is why outdoor screens are becoming increasingly common along high streets, concourses and shopping precincts.

There are many great advantages to this new media over existing forms of outdoor advertising. Firstly, outdoor screens stand out far more than static signage attracting the eyes of the audience and compared to other forms of outdoor advertising digital screens do not require somebody to upload content on site – static advertising requires technicians to erect new advertisements. A single screen can play content from multiple sources enabling advertisers to maximise the revenue from a single site.

Also, unlike any other forms of outdoor advertising, outdoor digital signage can play scheduled content ideal for targeting specific audiences such as diners at lunch time or commuters on the way home.

This is why outdoor digital signage is growing year on year, taking an ever increasing larger proportion of the total outdoor advertising market. However, there are some drawbacks to using digital screens in an outdoor environment:

The outdoor elements are not conducive for modern LCD TV systems. Even a waterproof or outdoor screen – such things do exists although they are highly expensive – won’t be adequately protected for outdoor use as while it will be able to operate under rainfall and may even cope with some extreme temperatures,  it will still need physical protection from impacts and vandalism.

LCD enclosures are  a better solution. They not only provide a steel physical barrier, protecting the enclosed screen from impacts, temperature and weather, they can house standard devices so there is no need to spend excessive amounts of money on outdoor or waterproof screens.

LCD enclosures are the most cost effective, practical and all-round protective solution for using LCD displays in outdoor locations.

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