Outdoor Digital Signage to Boost Trade in Retail

Sale, sale, sale! It seems no matter what time of year you walk down the high street, there are hundreds of stores with signs outside proclaiming sales and special offers. And yet, how often do you ever find yourself compelled to go into a shop just because they have a sale sign outside?

The truth is, traditional print signage is not very effective at all anymore, we are too desensitised to signs proclaiming sales and special offers that we consciously, and sub-consciously tend to ignore them.
Outdoor digital signage is far more effective at delivering messages. Moving images, brightly coloured content and even sound are far more engaging and captivating to an audience than a static image.

Outdoor digital signage is still a novelty and even though it is expanding and increasing in prevalence it is unique enough to grab people’s attention. It is also far more flexible a medium to work with.
Any change of sale items or promotion can be changed centrally which means if there are multiple stores all promotions can be altered at once.

Another great advantage of outdoor digital signage is that content can be altered for different times of day to meet the requirements of say the commuter run, compared to the midday shopper.

There are some disadvantages to suing outdoor digital signage though. Keeping the screens dry and at the optimum operating temperature can be a challenge but outdoor LCD enclosures now make the erection of a TV (LCD, LED or plasma) in an outdoor location a lot more straightforward.

Outdoor LCD enclosures not only weatherproof standard off-the-shelf display devices but also ensure the optimum operating temperature inside the enclosure so the screen will continue to operate in extreme heat and cold.

Many are also solidly built from steel offering protection against impacts and vandalism, vital for any outdoor digital signage left in unmanned or public areas.

One tip when looking for an outdoor TV enclosure is to ensure it has been built to either the USA or European standards such as NEMA 4 or IP65.

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