Outdoor Digital Signage – How to use screens outdoors

While outdoor digital signage is still lagging behind indoor systems, the sector is catching up fast. More and more LCD screens are finding their way outside in the open air, but why?

Outdoor digital signage can attract a larger audience compared to any outdoor screen. This is easy to envisage of you have a signage screen in your retail unit or shop – just imagine how many people are walking past your store and not entering. All these potential customers can be targeted with outdoor digital signage screen.

Taking DS screens outside

Your average LCD screen can’t just be carted outside. Most TV devices are designed to operate in living rooms and offices – not in the great outdoors. However, there are ways of using LCD devices outside without investing in a highly expensive outdoor TV system.

IP65 Protection

To ensure a screen can operate outside it needs to be protected from water. Rainfall will instantly disable any LCD screen. Waterproof LCD enclosures are a cost effective option for weatherproofing. The standard, IP65 is commonly associated with these outdoor digital signage enclosures and denotes they have been built to operate in rainfall. Any LCD screen operating outdoors should adhere to this standard.


Another consideration for outdoor screens is the temperature they are designed to operate in. The temperatures outside can vary throughout the year and can rise and fall to the extremes so to prevent overheating of frozen condensation climatic systems like additional airflow and heaters should be housed in the enclosure.


Many outdoor digital screens are left unsupervised and in public areas so they also have to be rugged. Not only are LCD screens a tempting target for vandals, they can easily be damaged by accidental impact. They can also pose a hazard if the screens smash.

Steel LCD enclosures fitted with shatterproof screens are, again, a simple and effective method of protecting LCD screens from impacts and damage in outdoor locations.

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