Outdoor Advertising Tips – Going Digital

Outdoor advertising has always been a cost effective and successful method of raising brand awareness. Fly posters, bill boards and hoardings on high streets and bus stops are a great way of displaying a message to a broad base of people that will be passing by each day.

However, advertising is not as effective as it used to be. We are all used to seeing posters, bill boards and other print advertising around the streets so very rarely do we pay it much attention. Of course, this is where advertisers make their money by providing attractive and eye-catching advertising campaigns designed to attract us to their messages.

However, there is a new way of drawing attention to outdoor advertising that is more dynamic, engaging and eye catching – outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is just a term to describe the use of flat screen TVs like LCD (liquid crystal display) or plasma used as an advertising medium. By using outdoor digital signage, advertising can become more dynamic as the use of moving imagery will be more engaging and attractive to passers by.

Outdoor digital signage is also just as cost effective to implement as standard advertising. There are of course initial outlays of the screen and protective LCD enclosures or outdoor digital signage enclosures to think about, along with any additional maintenance, but because digital signage can be networked and content replaced centrally, there is no need for outdoor advertisers to employ people to go around replacing the posters or bill boards.

Digital signage will also allow more advertisements on a single screen. For a long time outdoor advertiser have relied on moving print adverts that allow three or four different campaigns on a single hoarding.

These campaigns replace each other after several seconds but with digital signage there is no limit to the amount of campaigns each outdoor digital signage system can play. Dozens of different campaigns can be uploaded and repeated after whatever timescale required allowing advertisers to generate more revenue from each site.

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