LCD Enclosures – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quite common for customers to ask the same questions with regard to LCD enclosures here are some of the most frequently asked:

What are LCD Enclosures?

LCD enclosures are protective environments for modern LCD and plasma screens enabling their use in outdoor locations and areas where a normal TV can’t operate due to environmental hazards such as weather or dust.

What are they made of?

LCD enclosures are manufactured from powder-coated mild steel, which provide ruggedness and enables TV to operate in wet and corrosive locations.

What size and type of screen can they accommodate?

LCD enclosure are manufactured in various sizes, accommodating the most common sized TVs. LCD enclosures can accommodate small 20” screens right through to larger 70” displays.

What protection do they offer?

LCD enclosure offer comprehensive protection against weather, temperature, dust, impacts and vandalism. Providing the ideal environment for the enclosed screen also prolongs the life of the TV, making it last longer.

Are they expensive?

No, compared to outdoor TV systems commonly used by larger outdoor digital signage advertisers, the price of an LCD enclosure and standard LCD TV is many times less that of an outdoor TV.

Where can they be installed?

LCD enclosure have been installed in all sorst of locations and environments. Form outdoors in wet and rainy UK, to ski-resorts, deserted areas and even dusty warehouses. An LCD enclosure can be adapted to operate in almost any location, no matter what the hazardous elements present,


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