Installing Screens in a Subway – Case Study New Delhi Metro

With the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi last year, the Indian capital went through some dramatic infrastructure changes. One of the projects planned to coincide with the games was an extension the New Delhi Airport Metro Express system connecting the city’s airport.

The Delhi Airport Metro Express, which runs from New Delhi to IGI (Indira Gandhi International) Airport and stretches 22 kilometres over six new station platforms, was designed to make arrival and departure from the city easier.

Communications company, Alcatel were tasked with installing the metro’s communication systems, which included LCD screens on the coaches for entertainment of the passengers and also screens around the various platforms displaying departure and timetabling information and also to provide flight information for convenience of air travellers.

While the onboard screens to entertain passengers would operate in ideal conditions for LCD screens, inside an air conditioned coach, kept dry and free from risk of accidental impact or vandalism, the same couldn’t be said for the screens tasked with providing information on the platforms.

Alcatel looked to Armagard and their range of LCD enclosures for the solution. As Armagard’s LCD enclosures contain climatic systems designed to the screen accommodated inside at the optimum temperature.

Armagard supplied 107 of their 32” LCD enclosures which allowed Alcatel to use the hardware of their choice while equally ensuring the screens would operate without problem in the metro system.

And the underground system in Delhi is a very challenging location for screen operation. In the summer, the ambient temperature in the streets can hit 50 degrees centigrade, while during monsoon season, humidity can be very high.

Fortunately, Armagard’s LCD enclosure, with their enclosed cooling systems and IP54 sealing, the screens are well-protected against any rising temperature and humidity.

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