Industrial Digital Signage – Signage in the Danger Zone

Digital signage has a myriad of application snow. Whilst digital out of home advertising (DOOH) is one of the most common uses of digital signage, its use for other purposes is growing too.

Keeping employees informed, monitoring work loads and keeping an eye on stock levels are just some examples of how digital signage is being implemented in other areas of business as they are a far more efficient method of doing these things than the old paper versions.

However, in some business areas such as industrial or factory shop floors, the environmental conditions are often not suited for using LCD or plasma screens.

Fortunately, the need for some sort of protection for industrial digital signage has finally been recognised and many manufactures that previously concentrated on protecting computers in these types of areas are now moving into the digital signage industry.

One of the most effective methods of using digital signage in hazardous locations is to house a standard LCD (or plasma) in an industrial LCD enclosure. These enclosures are designed to cope with literally any environment from heavy dust-filled locations to wash down areas (such as food production facilities).

Often these LCD enclosures are rated in accordance with the European IP system and will hold the numbers IP54 (most suitable for dusty areas) or IP 65/IP 66 (for wash down environments).

LCD enclosures are also incredibly flexible as the house a standard LCD or plasma screen. They can also house additional cooling and heating components to allow their use in areas where there is extremes of temperature such as near furnaces or in chillers.

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