Ideal Places for Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is now no longer an infant innovation. Screens in indoor locations such as shopping malls, concourses and inside retail stores, are now a common sight with more locations such as petrol stations and pharmacies implementing the technology all the time.

There seems there is no location where digital signage hasn’t been installed including outside as outdoor digital signage is now becoming a major from or outdoor advertising. And its not just advertisers either, outdoor information screens are pretty common too such as on railway platforms and outside bus stations.

Not all outdoor screens are in good locations, and many are not fulfilling their potential. A poorly placed screen will be easily ignored and for outdoor digital signage this means that the investment will not likely see a return.

For information screens things are a little different; installers of timetable displays and other information screens have the advantage of knowing people will seek out the information and look for the screen; however, installers of outdoor digital signage do not have the same luxury.

For advertisers using outdoor screens location and position is vital, and there are key aspects to finding the ideal spot to place the display.

Firstly, the location needs to be in a high footfall area, the more people the better. Secondly, the screen needs to be in a position to catch their eyes. This is where many installers make a mistake by not placing the screen prominently enough. Screens placed flat against a wall or placed too high or low will be easily missed.

Many large advertising companies that install outdoor digital signage use standalone screens and place them in the middle of pavements to make sure they are noticed. This is not always possible or permissible but eye-level is the ideal height for a screen, and if that is not possible, the screen can be angled toward the approaching crowd to ensure it catches their eye-line.

Outdoor digital signage can increase awareness, raise sales and increase instore traffic but only if it is noticeable, while a poorly positioned screen may represent a large investment that may never see a return.

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