How Safe is an Outdoor Screen?

Despite the falling cost of LCD and plasma screens, providing outdoor digital signage, whether it’s for information or advertising, marks a fairly substantial investment.

Getting a return on this investment is often difficult to assess, but one aspect to outdoor digital signage that can prevent achieving an ROI is the vulnerability of the screen.

A screen placed outdoors faces far more challenges than indoor displays, many of which can lead to the screen, if not properly protected, to fail. A broken or disabled screen is costly, setting back the ROI, and the causes for failure are plentiful.

While any outdoor screen needs protection from the weather, all too often this protection is not comprehensive enough. There is more to the weather than just protecting a screen from rain, with ambient temperature and sunlight equally as damaging to an outdoor digital signage display.

And the elements are not the only causes of damage. Few people would leave their home TVs outside their house and expect the device to remain where it is, but in essence, when using outdoor digital signage that is exactly what you’re doing

Physical protection is just as essential as protection from the weather as a vandalised, stolen or accidentally damaged screen will affect the ROI just as a screen failing from lack of weather protection.

Securing a screen requires mounting the device inside a rugged and tough digital signage enclosure. A shatterproof screen and the ability to withstand impacts and shock are important factors in keeping the screen safe.

An Armagard LCD enclosure provides extreme protection for outdoor screens. Once housed in the enclosure, the screen is able to withstand heavy impact and is secured from theft.

LCD enclosures also provide weatherproof protection and a controllable internal temperature to ensure the screen is always running within defined limits. With a variety of anti-reflective and sun-protected screen covers, an Armagard LCD enclosure provides comprehensive protection for outdoor digital signage.


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