How Outdoor Digital Signage Could Improve Your Business

In such a competitive environment, nearly all businesses are looking for new methods to get ahead of the competition. This is one of the driving forces behind the digital out of home (Dooh) revolution of the last few years, where digital signage has begun to become as commonplace as other forms of out of home advertising.

Now, nearly all locations where people visit or pass through, such as transport hubs, shopping malls and concourses, are adorned with digital posters and signage displays, selling everything from hamburgers to theatre tickets.

With such a ubiquity, getting involved with digital signage is no longer a way of being different and getting ahead of the competition, as nearly everybody is doing it, so it is a case of having to just to keep up; an advertising stalemate.

However, by taking digital signs outside and utilising outdoor digital signage, there is far less competition. For instance, in some location over a third of all indoor advertisements are now digital, yet, for outdoors only a little over ten percent are.

And getting involved with outdoor digital signage is not as costly, or as difficult as many people think. Yes, there are expensive outdoor digital signage systems that can cost a fortune but there are simpler and cheaper alternatives to using an LCD type display in an outdoor location.

LCD enclosures are a protective weatherproof housing that enable almost any type of flat-screen display to be placed outdoors and used for advertising, branding and promotion.

Easy to mount in almost any outdoor or hostile location an outdoor LCD enclosure will not only protect from the weather but will provide the perfect environment inside the LCD enclosure, ensuring temperatures and humidity remain constant and at the perfect range for the use of almost any type of LCD or plasma type screen.

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