How an Outdoor Screen will Benefit your Business

The use of LCD screens out of home has advanced rapidly over the last few years. From information screens in transport hubs to digital signage posters in shopping malls and retail stores – they seem to be everywhere.
And more commonly screens are starting to appear outside either for outdoor digital signage or for information provision; however, what benefits can an outdoor screen offer a business?


Advertising and promotion are one area where outdoor screens can really boost a business. Outdoor digital signage has many advantages over other advertising methods – including indoor digital advertising.

A screen placed outside a retail store or shopping complex will attract an audience unparalleled by other advertising methods for the cost. Other than TV or radio advertising (which is highly expensive) outdoor digital signage will generate audience figures far higher than other similar costed advertising methods.

Outdoor advertising is of course, not new, but while other methods of outdoor advertising such as posters and billboards are around, none are as engaging and eye-catching as outdoor digital signage which not only draws the eye with moving images and transitions but looks modern and contemporary in comparison.

Another advantage in using outdoor screens for advertising is that content can be scheduled to play at certain times a day. Restaurants, for example, and other businesses where trade increases and decreases at different times; this can be really advantageous. Lunchtime promotions can be relayed before lunch while supper time specials can then be shown in the afternoon and evening.


Providing information to customers, staff and visitors is another reason why many businesses turn to outdoor TVs. Providing information such as production schedules may increase efficiency and reduce waste, and with outdoor screens this type of information can be relayed in even the most rugged of environment such as a factory or industrial complex; while even not-for-profit organisations like schools, hospitals and other institutes are constantly needing to provide information.

Outdoor screens are far more flexible than other methods of providing information. Rather than run around to different locations all information can be uploaded centrally so information can be provided in real-time – ideal for emergencies.

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