How an Outdoor Screen can Boost your Business

Televisions have gone through dramatic changes over the last decade or so. Gone are the bulky CRTs (cathode ray tube), replaced by the modern flat screen LCD and plasma screens. Picture quality too has gone through changes too with High Definition (HD) now making images clearer.

One result of this change in televisions is that the humble TV is no longer found only in people’s front rooms providing entertainment; TVs are now just as likely to be seen out of home used for all sorts of purposes from advertising, branding, promotion and providing information.

Shopping malls, airports and airports are littered with these digital signage screens as are many retail stores, but placing a modern screen outside can also boost trade and outdoor digital signage has several uses for retailers and service providers:


Front of store signage is an important aspect to retailing and sales promotion. While static signage pasted in widow displays are a noticeable medium, using an outdoor screen provides a more engaging and eye-catching form of providing this content.

Different styles of outdoor screen also have different impacts. While digital posters and wall-mounted units can provide this sort of content, using outdoor digital totems for retail provide a feature for the outside front of a store that can engage customers as they pass.

Promotional content can be altered easily with outdoor digital signage, making it ideal for chain stores that can ensure nationwide promotions are implemented at the same time.

Providing Information

For service retailers such as restaurants or leisure facilities, keeping customers informed is an essential part of the business. Providing menus at front of restaurants, for instance, can generate custom as patrons no clearly what is on offer. While leisure facilities and transport companies can use screens to provide schedules, timetables and keeping customers informed of changes and delays.

As an outdoor screen can provide real time information this enables customers to receive up-to-the-minute information, avoiding complaints and ensuring they are kept happy.

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