Home Improvement Ideas – Patio TV

With spring arriving it’s often a good time to begin those home improvement projects that can help make our homes a more enjoyable place to be. One are of the home that people often concentrate on at this time of year is the garden or back yard. And understandably, with so few warm days in Britain, getting the most out of the sun and garden has become a national pastime.

Patios, decking and barbecue areas are household luxuries that enable us to spend time outside during whatever brief spell of sunshine we are fortunate to receive. Many of us adorn our outdoor areas with patio furniture and outdoor lighting to maximise our use of these outdoor spaces.

However, there is one luxury that is often overlooked by householders who often deem it as fancifully expensive, and yet is the ideal outdoor luxury, the outdoor TV.

Outdoor TVs are really a fantastic luxury item for those that enjoy the outdoors and spending time in the garden during the summer. By installing an outdoor TV you can relax outdoors and still watch your favourite TV programmes or the big match.

Quite a few manufacturers now produce outdoor variations of their plasma and LCD TVs. Commonly, these are highly expensive and beyond the budget of most householders as they typically cost thee, four or five times the price of a similar sized conventional TV, but there is an alternative.

Increasingly, more and more people are looking at outdoor TV enclosures as a budget solution for placing a screen outside, and not just homeowners either, more and more pubs and bars are using them to provide outdoor TVs in the beer gardens or outdoor smoking areas.

The big advantage of an outdoor TV enclosure is that they house almost any standard make or model of flat panel TV. Whether it’s an LCD, plasma or a modern LED backlit screen, as long as it’s built to VESA (Video Electronic Standards Association) standards.

The TV can even be an old model, perhaps a spare room TV that can be housed in the enclosure and taken outside. The outdoor TV enclosure provide al the protection required for outdoor use, protecting the housed TV from the rain, temperature and even attempts at theft.

LCD TV enclosures are lockable and secure; once installed are tamperproof and vandal resistant as they are often made from steel and have shatterproof windows.

LCD TV enclosure used for outdoor TV viewing

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