Digital Signage – Providing Information in the Modern School, College or University

Information provision is vital part of all school and educational institutions. From the traditional notice board to modern technology like emails, ensuring staff and students are informed is vital in the successful running of any campus.

And while technology like emails has made it easier for staff to provide information to each and every student, there is still a need to provide important and real time information as students are not likely to be checking their emails constantly.

Traditionally the only way important information, such as in times of emergency, can be passed to students or staff was by using the trusted notice board, however, it has always been impossible to ensure everybody on campus gets the required information, as these notice boards are only ever read intermittently.

Digital signage provides a dynamic real-time solution for providing important information. Content can be uploaded centrally while the screens around campus can be linked together ensuring that the message you want to relay is displayed on all screens across the institution.

This also provides a crucial method of providing information in times of emergency, highlight in recent years by campus shootings where institutions were criticised for being unable to warn other students and members of the public as to what was happening.

Outdoor digital signage is also a great advantage to schools, colleges or universities. By using these screens outside the information net from the school or college can be cast even further proving information to visitors to the school and the local community.

The screens in an outdoor digital signage system are often protected with LCD enclosures which not only keep out the rain and other elements but also provide vandal proof protection and ensure the temperature inside the enclosure is constant (no matter what the ambient is).

Not only is digital signage an effective and practical method of providing information, it has other benefits too.

Whilst notice boards often look untidy and print posters often get ignored, digital signage has a freshness, a modernity and an engaging nature that other methods of signage just can’t match. By using screens around your educational establishment you will provide a far better image to current and potential pupils, students and staff.

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