Global Economic Crisis – Save Money and Protect Investment

Belts are tightening, budgets are being slashed and some companies are being forced to make redundancies but there are other measures that can be taken to save money.

IT and computers is now one of industry and businesses’ biggest spends. Tens of billions each year is spent by industry and business on IT and computers , much of it to replace existing equipment!

Despite the mass production of computers, the exponential rate they advance and their availability, computers can not be considered a cheap consumable, particularly if you have a network of thousands of machines!

Whilst computers are often out-of-date within weeks of being sold most machines are quite capable of continuing the task they were bought for many, many years, particularly in industry where only simple applications such as process control are required.

Unfortunately though as computers are mass produced, manufacturers pay little heed to extending a computer’s life or considering where they will be used.

Not all environments that a computer is faced with are completely suitable. Some areas are dusty, damp, hot or too cold. All these things will drastically shorten the life of a PC and force a replacement to be bought. While there are specific solid-state industrial computers available these are often highly expensive and quite possibly over-kill for a computer that is just required to process packing labels or stock control.

Fortunately a standard off-the-shelf PC can be made to last three or sometimes four times longer than normal, even in extreme conditions such as dirty warehouses or damp food processing plants simply by housing them in an industrial computer enclosure.

These Industrial computer cabinets will protect a standard PC from dust, dirt, impacts, heat, cold and water and can even be built to be totally dustproof or waterproof to European and USA guidelines. Industrial computer enclosures are relatively inexpensive and can lengthen the life a PC many-fold; ensuring your company saves money and possibly stays afloat during this economic melt-down.

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