Four Key Aspects for Planning a Digital Signage Campaign

Amongst retailers and advertisers, digital signage has become a buzzword for a cost effective and practical method of promotion, advertising and raising brand awareness.

However, digital signage is not simple or straight forward and there are many pitfalls to consider before embarking on any campaign, however, below are four aspects that should be thoroughly considered as you plan your digital signage campaign.


It is crucial to have a clear defined goal as to what you want your digital signage campaign to achieve. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, public notice or you are just trying to elevate brand awareness, you must be clear what you want the signage screens for and if indeed digital signage, with all the costs attached, is the correct medium for your goals.


Perhaps the most important aspect of any digital signage campaign is the content that is to be displayed in the screen. Not only does content need to be engaging and eye-catching as possible it should be regularly updated. Failure to provide regular content will see your digital signage campaign become staid and dull and audiences will get used to the imagery and ignore it.


Ensuring regular content is available to upload is one aspect to consider – getting it on the displays is another. There are different methods of uploading content to digital signage screens. Either content can be loaded individually by using a small media player or PC next to the screen inside the digital signage enclosure. However, a more practicable method for multiple screens is to network them together; this way a single media player can be used to control all devices centrally making it easy to upload content to all machines.


All digital screens used out of home need protection. Whilst there is an obvious need to protect outdoor digital signage from the elements, even indoor systems need to be protected too. Not only should screens be protected from accidental and deliberate damage but even in the cleanest of retail location, the operating environment of the LCD will still differ to what it has been designed for.

A decent LCD enclosure or digital signage cabinet needs to have adequate air cooling and filtration to ensure the screen is working in its optimum environment, regardless of whatever location.

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