Extending the Life of a Digital Signage Screen

No matter what type of technology you invest in or what type of screen you choose, all LCDs and plasmas have a finite lifespan and will have to be replaced eventually. Of course, the longer they last the more of a chance you can get a return on your investment (ROI) but if they fail too frequently then it could result in the ROI getting inexorably further away.

Failure of LCD screens doesn’t necessarily happen instantly. LCD screens don’t go straight from functionality to failure, instead, over time the image begins to fade, can suffer burn (plasmas) and eventually is either too dim to function of eventually stops working altogether.

The problems become accelerated with use too. So a screen on 24 hours a day will probably not last as long as an LCD or plasma that is only on for four to six hours a day.

The design and build quality of the LCD can have a dramatic effect. Commercial grade screens will outlast most standard devices by several times and are by far the best solution for indoor signage screens.

However, for outdoor digital signage the problems are exacerbated. Often outdoor screens need to be of a high brightness level requiring more power, they also have to endure excessive temperatures, both hot and cold.

For this reason, outdoor digital signage screens never last as long as an indoor system – unless they are housed in a similar environment!

Outdoor LCD enclosure

An outdoor LCD enclosure does just that. Inside the enclosure is everything to ensure the interior environment is the optimum condition in which an LCD screen can operate. Temperature controlled fans and heaters; anti-glare glass; insulation; and even air conditioning are just some of the components installed in an LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures are also waterproof to ensure they can withstand the weather elements. They are also durable as more often than not they are manufactured out of steel and have anti-vandal measures like shatterproof screens making them an all round solution for outdoor digital signage – and indoor screens in vulnerable locations.

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