Digital Signage – Reasons to go Outdoor

Digital signage and advertising is now as common in shopping malls and concourses as two dimensional posters and signs. The reason: LCD screens are very cheap and the costs are falling all the time. And because digital signage content can be uploaded remotely, without the need for somebody to visit the advertising site, they eventually save money too.

Digital screens are more engaging and eye-catching too, far more so than static signs; however, this can lead advertisers into a stalemate – as more and more people get involved in digital advertising the more difficult it is to get noticed.

There is a solution, however, that can raise the profile of digital signage promotions and advertisements, and help get advertisers ahead: outdoor digital signage.

There are far less digital signage devices outdoors, although they are becoming increasingly common, that said, there is still advantages to advertisers who have far less digital competition in outdoor locations.

It can be challenge, placing a screen outdoors, as obviously it will need protecting from the weather and extreme temperatures but this need be neither difficult nor expensive.

While specialist outdoor digital signage displays are available, as are outdoor LCD screens, they can be highly expensive – one of the reasons that many advertisers are yet to embark on outdoor projects. But, there is a simpler and more cost effective solution – use a standard LCD device, the same as you would indoors but house it in an LCD enclosure.

Outdoor LCD enclosures enable standard LCD devices, either commercial or consumer grade; media players, or small factor PCs, to be completely protected and housed in the correct environment – no matter the weather, temperature or location.

Resistant to impacts and vandalism, LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective solution for placing a screen outdoors and even for small businesses they enable them to get ahead of the crowd.

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