Digital Signage in Hostile Locations

With digital signage now widespread, it has become a common sight in shopping malls, concourses and airports. And this new media is seeping into outdoor locations too with outdoor digital signage along roadsides and the high street; replacing the traditional posters and billboards commonly associated with outdoor advertising.

And the reason for this change to digital is that there are so many advantages to digital signage compared to traditional methods: it has the ability to play unlimited numbers of adverts or different content streams, messages can be scheduled or updated in realtime, it’s more engaging and eye-catching and creates a better image than ripped or faded posters.

And for this reason, more and more businesses and organisation are taking up digital signage either for providing information or advertising and there are seemingly no limits to where it can go.

Outdoor Digital Signage

As demonstrated by the burgeoning use of LCD screens in outdoor locations, it is possible to place a screen in almost any environment. Waterproof LCD enclosures that contain heaters, cooling fans, and even air conditioners allow LCD displays to be placed in the most hostile locations.

Factory /industry

The industrial sector has been making great use of digital signage as a means of providing processing figures, schedules and important employee information. The hazards of the factory floor such as dust, dirt, liquid splashes, impacts and extreme temperatures can all be countered by a good quality LCD enclosure.

Snow locations – Ski resorts

Even mountain sides have begun to sprout outdoor digital signage displays. Ski resorts are taking up this new technology in droves. The main reason for this is that information can be difficult to deliver to these remote locations. Ski lift operation times and emergency information needs to be relayed in realtime too so if there is important information such as dangerous snows or risk of avalanche people can be forewarned.

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