Digital Signage Generates Sales – The Effectiveness of Digital Out of Home Advertising

Having been around for a long time, the digital out of home (Dooh) market is often criticised as being unable to demonstrate its effectiveness. An advertising industry that has been running for over a decade should be able to demonstrate its effectiveness through market research; however, it is always difficult to establish is a lift in sales is due to a digital signage campaign or from other causes.

Despite the length of time digital screens have been used as advertising, there has been little data to describe the effectiveness of this form of out of home advertising and many would-be users are put off by this lack of data, fearing not getting a return on their investment.

And while there is always an initial outlay with digital advertising, recent studies have indeed shown that digital signage is an effective method of driving sales.

Leading US retailers, Walmart, and their digital signage partners Studio Squared, have released data on the effectiveness of their digital signage programme.

According to the companies, the program delivers a billion impressions each month to 32 million customers. They released two case studies describing the boost in sales from the campaign.

“In the first, a breathing-strip manufacturer purchased an endcap campaign, in which a 90- to 120-second message ran on endcap screens with product positioned around it. While the program was running, the brand saw a 100 percent sales lift on the specific product, determined by testing versus a control group.”

“In another campaign, the retailer wanted to increase the number of shoppers that opted in to receive discounts and offers via SMS. It staged a four-week campaign in which shoppers were told that if they’d sign up by dialing a specific code, they’d get exclusive announcements of new “Rollback” offers. During the four-week period, the retailer saw a three-fold increase in daily opt-ins.”

The effectiveness of these digital screens is known to most users of digital signage who experience real growth in both sales and revenue. And this can be accelerated by embarking on outdoor digital signage where the audiences are higher and the potential views can be many times more than a similar indoor campaign.

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