Digital Signage for Beginners – Where to place your screens

Digital signage screens can benefit nearly any business, trade, organisation or institute. From providing advertising to relaying important information to employees, staff and visitors, digital screens provide a useful, flexible and real time solution.

Whether it is required to increase brand awareness or advertising at a store front, or to provide visitors with useful information in a hospital or other public building, there is no better solution than a digital screen. However, choosing the location to install the screens is more complicated than you may have first thought:

Outdoor Digital Signage

When it comes to getting noticed outdoors is best. No matter how many people will come through your store, far more will pass outside and it is this passing audience you want to tempt inside.

Outdoor digital signage also has less competition than indoor screens making them more noticeable. However, there are difficulties such as protection from the weather and ensuring the screen is read able in direct sunlight – although waterproof LCD enclosures and a canopy can get around these problems.

Viewing Angle and Height

If outdoor digital signage is not practical, ensuring the screen is at the best viewing angle and is as prominent as possible, is highly important. Screens should not be hung from a ceiling as they are easy to miss and while eye-level may not always be practical the screen should at least be tilted to ensure the correct viewing angle.

A common mistake with digital signage is to place the screens out of the way which is why so many are hung from ceilings are placed flush against a wall. However, this completely misses the point of digital signage. The screen shouldn’t be out of the way in fact some of the best digital signage systems are floor standing so they have to be walked around, making it almost impossible to ignore.

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