Digital Signage and Small Businesses



Even small businesses can take advantage of outdoor.

Outdoor digital signage is in no way as popular as the use of indoor screens. While every shopping mall, airport and even pharmacy has an advertising screen these days, outdoor screens are still few and far between.

While outdoor digital signage is still growing, most outdoor systems are installs by large national advertising companies who are replacing their traditional static out of home media with digital varieties. But outdoor digital signage is just as suitable for the smaller business too.

Outdoor digital signage can generate huge audiences in comparison to indoor screens. No matter how many people view an instore signage campaign, far more will see a sign outside the store, and if a screen is positioned in the right place and displaying the right content it can help attract people through the doors.

And outdoor digital signage has other uses than just promotion for small businesses. Restaurants that display outdoor menus on a digital signage display are more likely to entice people inside—being able to show steaming plate of food provides a far more appealing image to a consumer than a static picture.

Providing customers with essential and important information is another use of outdoor digital signage for small businesses. Opening hours, waiting times and other useful information displayed on an outdoor screen can all help keep customers informed and satisfied.

One reason why so many small businesses are reluctant to invest in outdoor digital signage is the high costs often attributed to installing an outdoor screen. And with the high costs of most outdoor installs, this is no surprise. The average cost of an outdoor screen can often be up to ten times that of an equivalent indoor screen; however, there are alternatives.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are ideal for small businesses as they allow the use of cheaper, standard displays outside, keeping them protected from the elements and keeping them secure. And as the combined cost of a standard screen and an LCD enclosure is much lower than a specific outdoor display, the savings can make the investment worthwhile.

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