Digital Menus and their Effectiveness

While high-end restaurants enjoy the privilege of having bookings and knowing who will be eating and when, lower end restaurants, fast food eateries and diners, depend upon passing trade and spontaneous decision-making from their patrons.

Outdoor digital signage provides restaurants with many advanatges

Competition is high in the food industry; whether it’s a fast food restaurant nestled amongst several similar establishments, or a continental restaurant relying on evening diners, customers have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing where to eat.

These days, digital menu boards have changed the way restaurants interact with their customers. Most fast food restaurant, these days, have some sort of screen above the counter providing content of what’s on offer, while specials and promotions are also regularly relayed on these screens.

But outdoors is where the real difference is being made. Options for enticing people into a restaurant used to be limited. A menu pasted outside the front door describing what was on offer, sometimes with pictures of the dishes was all that restaurateurs could do.

Now, however, outdoor digital signage is providing real advantages for restaurants wanting to entice customers. Being able to provide bright, bold images—often moving images—of meals outside a venue can catch people’s eyes and provoke custom that is more spontaneous.

Dayparting too has great advantages for a restaurant. By playing different content during different times of the day, restaurants are able to promote specific breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, appealing to a more targeted audience.

Outdoor digital signage also provides an establishment with a touch of modernity, creating the right image for modern and sophisticated customers, and for the restaurateur, having a medium that allows immediate changing of content, a place put up specials and promotions as well as providing the restaurant with a modern-looking menu system can increase customers.

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