Digital Advertising – Its Effectiveness at influencing Purchasing

Digital signage has become a common retail tool. Digital advertisings screens provide plenty of benefits to retailers such as providing an immediate and simple method of uploading promotional and branding content. But digital advertisings screens has a more direct effect on shoppers too, helping to influence and The UK’s Outdoor Media Centre has conducted research into the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, including digital advertising at influencing people’s choices and behaviour when they are out shopping.

The results of the research is quite staggering and shows just how effective digital advertising can be at changing people’s shopping habits. A total of 604 shoppers were surveyed for the research, which found that 88 per cent (531 people) said they had seen outdoor advertising while out shopping. While a staggering 72 per cent of them (434 people), said they were likely to be swayed towards a product after seeing a recent out of home advertisement, such as on a digital signage screen.

The research was conducted across a range of demographics, ages, and included both men and women. The group of people most likely to be influenced by recent outdoor advertising were young people 16 to 24 years-old, with industries such as mobile phone stores, fast food chains, pharmacies, and fashion stores benefiting the most.The research, entitled “The Last Window of Influence” also found that the 30 minute period immediately before shoppers made purchases was the most critical at influencing behaviour, which is why retail digital signage proves so effective.

Retail digital signage is particularly effective at influencing shoppers’ behaviour because of its eye-catching nature and ability to have scheduled content, tailoring advertisements and promotions at specific times of day to meet shoppers’ habits. Fast food restaurants, for example, can place different digital signage content at different meal times throughout the day, and in an industry that relies on impulsive purchasing, digital advertising can make a big difference to sales.

For retailers, outdoor digital signage is one of the most effective methods of influencing customers’ behaviour and increasing sales as it can reach people outside the store, helping to steer people inside to promoted items.

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