Different Types of LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are protective cabinets for TV systems to allow their use in outdoor, harsh or industrial environments. These outdoor TV enclosures are used primarily in the digital signage industry.

Digital signage is the implementation of TV systems for advertising, promotion and information purposes and is one of the fastest growing global industries.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the primary uses of LCD enclosure as normal TV systems cannot operate outside. Rainfall, airborne debris and impacts (whether accidental or intentional) will permanently disable a TV device.

LCD TV enclosures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but there primary advantage is to allow conventional, off-the-shelf televisions to be used in outdoor or harsh environments. The differing types of LCD enclosure are usually dependent on the applications the digital signage is intended for.

For instance, digital posters allow portrait placing of the LCD displays and are used primarily in indoor locations such as shopping malls and retail centres. Often they are combined with interactive devices such as maps provide a complete digital signage kiosk.

But other types of LCD enclosure are available too such as dual screen digital signage systems ideal for the tops of taxi. These taxi top digital signage systems are now being implemented across the globe as are gas station signage systems which allow the safe use of TV screens above gasoline (petroleum) pumps.

All types of LCD enclosure, regardless of purpose, are intended to protect against the harsh conditions of outdoor or hazardous environments and are often built to national and international guidelines such as the NEMA standards (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or the European IP rating.

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