Computer Security – Computer Cabinets, Protection from Vandalism and Theft

Computer security is a familiar word to most network administrators. They ensure all machines are operating safely behind the network firewall and that anti-virus and anti-spyware software is in place.

However, in many businesses, computers are not just sat securely on people’s desks, computers are used for all sorts of purposes and many are often left unattended in receptions, warehouses and even in public areas.

Protecting data is currently a hot topic with endless laptops and memory sticks seem to constantly go missing along with thousands of people’s private data that is stored on them.

Despite the high profile nature of these data losses, many administrators fail to secure their own data. It is not just memory cards and laptops that can be stolen but any machine left unattended for just a few minutes could be a tempting prize for any potential data thief.

After all it takes just moments to remove a hard drive from inside a computer and even if the data that gets stolen is backed up, the potential harm from the wrong person holding that data is endless.

For this reason any computer that is not constantly under supervision needs to be protected. Not just from theft either, there are those that take great pleasure in vandalising other people’s property and if that is  an expensive computer assigned with an important task for your business the cost maybe more than just replacing the unit.

Secure industrial computer cabinets are an ideal solution. These lockable computer safes can be bolted to walls or floors and can prevent even the most determined and well-equipped thief from getting to the enclosed PC.

These units are ideal for anywhere that a computer might be left unattended. Many of these units are also resistant to the elements that a computer in some industrial environments may be exposed to. The cold, heat, rain, dust, dirt and fluids can all be kept at bay if the right computer cabinet is used. They can even be left confidently outside in the elements and will not only protect from any potential thief or vandal but also will withstand whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

By using an industrial computer cabinet, computers can be assigned to do tasks in places where it may have been unconceivable to site a computer before.  These sorts of industrial computer cabinets are used worldwide and are located in all sorts of scenes from police stations, schools, colleges and even information points in the high street.

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