Computer Enclosures – Longevity for IT

As the world falls deeper into recession companies across the globe are looking for ways of saving money. Computers and other IT equipment are one obvious area where vast amounts of money can be saved.

Every year in the UK alone over a million computers are disposed of and yet 99% of these are in fully working order. Many companies upgrade unnecessarily assuming the latest and fastest technology will improve production and efficiency. However, many tasks that modern state-of-the-art computers are required to do can be done just as efficiently by older models.

As computers exponentially advance, administrators tend to replace IT systems every two or three years even though this can be totally unnecessary. During the current economic privation it makes sense to put off any upgrades that are not truly necessary meaning that computer systems are going to be required to function for longer.

This can be simple in an office environment with not much extra maintenance required other than the occasional cleaning of internal dust. Whilst most computers are not built with longevity in mind many systems kept free from dust and grime will last for at least five years before components start to fail (the first quite possibly being the power supply although these are relatively inexpensive to replace).

However, with industrial computer equipment kept in areas which contain excessive dust, fluids and risk of impacts such as industrial or shop floor areas then the IT will already be at risk of failing before its time. However, there is no reason why a PC in an industrial area can’t last just as long if it is adequately protected.

Industrial computer enclosures are designed for just this task. These protective environments defend enclosed PC’s from all the hostile elements and while some of these enclosures can cost the same as a PC itself they can last for decades housing PC after PC, lengthening their lives and saving £££/$$$/€€€.

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