Common Digital Signage Mistakes

Return on investment (ROI) is a much used term for those considering employing digital signage. Regardless of the cost effective method taken, there is still an initial outlay with any digital advertising scheme – and ensuring you get that back is vital to make the exercise worthwhile.

There are many mistakes and pitfalls that people often fall into when embarking on digital signage for the first time. Here are some of the most common:

People don’t watch digital signage the same as a TV

Some people assume that as they use the same technology a TV and a digital signage screen are watched the same. But this is not true as people go out of their way to ignore signs as they are all around so when it comes to deciding on content and location it is vital you remember that your viewer may only see the advert for a split second.

Location, Location, Location

With digital signage location is highly important. In the early days of out of home advertising digital screens were often hung from ceilings but it soon became apparent that they were getting overlooked as people walked under them. A signage screen needs to be as prominent as possible – especially if there are other screens in direct competition.

Outdoor digital signage

will provide a higher audience and as these outdoor screens are still more novel they get noticed a lot more.

Content – should be simple and bold. Remember a viewer may only glance at the sign so key information should be large and prominent no plots keep simple. Avoid plot lines – remember it’s not a TV advert – and keep things simple and to the point. Use colourful and striking images if possible.

Sound – best avoided; repetitive music and catchphrases will annoy people and can lead to people taking even greater pains to avoid your advertising.

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