Budgeting for Digital Signage Screens

With such a rise in use, digital signage is the fastest and one of the most effective forms of out of home advertising, and has become a common sight in many locations from the shopping mall to the airport.

The spread of digital advertising continues to grow as the cost of the technology falls and more and more people realise the potential worth of an investment into digital out of home (Dooh).

The common cost of digital signage is not as high as people often believe it is. The common price paid for a “40 commercial display is between £400 and £600, and the most common size of display people opt for when embarking on digital signage is the 30-50” range.

Commercial grade displays are more commonly used because they are designed to be more durable, able to be left on for longer periods without fear of overheating.

For outdoor digital signage, these displays need protecting from the weather elements and extreme temperatures that outside locations can suffer from. For any screen going outside, or to be used in an area where temperature is not the same as an indoor location, then you have to budget for the cost of protection.

LCD enclosures are fairly cost effective forms of protection housing any commercial grade screen—or consumer grade for that matter—in a protective and weatherproof  cabinet that not only keeps the screen dry, but ensures it is operating in the optimum environment for a screen.

LCD enclosures also physically protect LCD and plasma screens, ensuring they can withstand impact and attempts at vandalism—essential for using displays outside.

By using an LCD enclosure, the commercial grade screen will last many times longer than an unprotected device, even in decent conditions so the enclosure can often be a wise investment adding value to the cost of the screens.

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