Protect Outdoor Screens from Vandalism and Theft

Screens are now a common sight outdoors. The use of outdoor digital signage, information screens and outdoor TVs in pub beer gardens has grown dramatically since the development of outdoor LCD and plasma screens.

These outdoor TVs are very similar to the ones we use at home only they are weatherproof and often have higher brightness levels than standard consumer grade screens. They are also highly expensive and can mean a heady investment for anybody wishing to use them.

Outdoor TV screens are usually fairly rugged; however, with a rise in vandalism in outdoor digital signage, it seems that many of these outdoor displays are not protected adequately enough.

There have been many recent spates of screen damage which is costing digital signage companies a considerable amount. Not only does the display have to be replaced when it is damaged, but the time that it is out of action is costing in terms of blank advertising space – and many cases it can be days, weeks, or even months before the screen is noticed.

For comprehensive protection against vandalism and accidental impacts, by far the best solution is a steel LCD enclosure. These rugged housings for digital signage screens can resist the most tenacious vandal and are fitted with shatterproof screens that ensure the TV face can be smashed or damaged.

And they have even more benefits than just keeping screens from being damaged. LCD enclosures are waterproof and temperature controlled, which means there is no need to use an expensive outdoor screen at all. Indeed, LCD enclosures can house standard TV equipment and not only ensure it is physically protected from vandalism and impacts, but also ensure that rain and other weather elements do not ingress inside.

As they keep a constant temperature inside they can also be used all-year round, in the height of summer, and when temperatures drop below zero.

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