Benefits of a LCD Enclosure

LCD TVs are now used for far more applications than just watching the latest dramas and sit-coms. LCD’s have started to change the shape of our high streets as they are used in a myriad of digital signage applications.

It’s not just inside in retail stores that LCD’s are being implemented as digital signage but also in more hostile environments such as factory floors and even outside where they are at the mercy of the weather.

Many LCD’s are now manufactured to cope with some of the hostile elements found in the implementation of outdoor digital signage. Principle of these is the IP65 rating that European manufacturers give their LCD to signify waterproof capabilities but there are other considerations in the application of LCD enclosure to secure its operation in extreme temperatures.

Unmanned LCD’s are also vulnerable to attempted vandalism and unfortunately theft so adequate protection against any unwanted attention is a must for any digital outdoor signage left in public areas.

When implementing outdoor digital signage or LCD’s in hostile conditions there is a choice in how to offer adequate protection. A specific outdoor LCD can be utilised that bears the IP65 rating but care should be taken to ensure the device can operate in both extremes of the environment it is planned to be used in. Furthermore additional security may have to be added to protect the system from attack.

Another solution is to use standard LCD TV equipment but house it in is own outdoor TV enclosure. LCD enclosures are also built to IP 65 or IP66 rating but they can also house any standard LCD TV. Furthermore they can also be equipped with the additional heating and cooling often required for outdoor applications.

LCD enclosures are also built highly secure. Often made from steel and with vandal proof locks they offer a flexible and safe alternative to outdoor digital signage.

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