Apprentice Finalist to Head up Sir Alan’s Digital Signage Business

The winner of the UK’s 2009 Apprentice show winner is to work in Sir Alan Sugar’s new digital signage company. This year’s winner of the BBC TV show, Yasmina Siadatan will be teaming up with last year’s winner Lee McQueen at Amscreen.

The restaurant owner who last week beat fellow finalist Kate Walsh is to head the healthcare sector of Amscreen that installs LCD systems into clinics and doctor’s offices.

Sir Alan is the latest in a long line of established business entrepreneurs to have moved into the digital signage industry due to its increased expansion even in the current economic crisis.

Amscreen are involved in providing digital signage systems free of charge to doctor’s waiting rooms to allow the medical centres messages to be displayed to waiting patients. In return Amscreen sell accompanying advertisements that generate revenue.

Surgeries are the latest in a long line of new applications for this growing media. Another area where there has been a huge expansion of LCD technology is the outdoor digital signage market, where LCD and plasma screens are sited outside premises and in public areas.

For outdoor use many of these systems protect the LCD and plasmas using outdoor LCD Enclosures. These cabinets for LCDs protect the display device from the elements allowing them to function without risk of damage due to rain, sleet or snow.

LCD enclosures
are also used in industrial or factory shopfloor areas, protecting the digital signage from damage caused by splashing water, dust, dirt, heavy impacts and extreme temepratures

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