An Outdoor TV – A Cost Effective and Simple Solution

While the internet and mobile technology has changed the way we live our lives, television is still the most common and popular media. Few people can claim to not own a TV, even fewer can claim to never watch it and many homes have multiple sets around the house. Kitchen’s bedrooms, living rooms and even bathroom’s have TVs.

And now TVs are beginning to be installed in outdoor areas such as patios, around the pool and in back yards in general.

Of course, simply installing a standard TV in the back garden is not a sensible idea, even if it doesn’t rain, wind-blown debris, sunlight, and temperatures, both hot and cold, can all lead to a screen failing – even if the device is only outside temporarily.

And while outdoor TV devices are available they are extremely expensive and for many people the cost can’t be justified (especially in places like the UK where there are only a handful of weeks of sunshine that the device will be used for).

Some people decide to wheel out and older TV, perhaps from the bedroom but for reasons above, this is not a good idea, and could end in disaster if there is a sudden downpour.

There is, however, a better option. By installing an outdoor LCD enclosure you can use a standard TV outdoors and have confidence that no matter what the weather does the TV will continue to function.

They are secure too, once mounted the lockable LCD enclosure will enable the TV to be left out al the time, protected from theft, the weather, temperature and wind blown debris.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are cost effective too because they can house any standard LCD screen which combined with the price of the enclosure is still far cheaper than buying an outdoor TV.

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