Advertising with Outdoor Digital Signage – A Growing Media

Outdoor Digital Signage is one of only two forms of advertising that is still growing in the UK (the other being mobile advertising) according to the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA).

This is possibly due to outdoor digital signage not only being more engaging to consumers compared to traditional static media but it is also perhaps the only advertising sector that is not completely saturated so it becomes even more attractive to advertisers because of the lack of competition.

But there are other benefits to outdoor digital signage and it is not just advertisers and retailers that are finding outdoor displays and screen useful. Churches, schools and other public buildings are utilising outdoor digital displays to provide information as the advantages of such a media far outweigh the alternatives.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Digital Signage

  • Remote uploading – Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, digital outdoor signage enables content to be uploaded remotely. This means that ad agencies do not need to pay a technician to change content every fortnight but that advertising content can be changed more frequently and even scheduled for specific times and events – making advertising more targeted. For non-advertisers this is also allows important information to be uploaded in real-time which means important messages can be passed on almost immediately.
  • Multiple content on a single screen – while the old six sheet outdoor advertising displays could revolve six different adverts on the same space, with outdoor digital signage the number of advertisements on a single screen can be unlimited.
  • Modernity – and perhaps another factor that is helping to make outdoor digital signage a growing media is the modern and contemporary feel a digital screen provides compared to other outdoor advertising methods. This raises the profile of businesses and locations.

As more and more people get involved in the outdoor digital signage market then the less attractive the market may become – not least because the newness and uniqueness of outdoor digital signage will slowly wear away and the competition will inevitably increase; so if you are thinking in embarking in outdoor digital signage perhaps now is as good a time as any.

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