Advertising Techniques – Benefits of Digital Signage

If you are somehow involved with the advertisement industry you will surely be aware by now of digital signage. Perhaps the biggest revolution in advertising since the rise of the internet, digital out of home media (as digital signage is often referred to as) is changing the shape of the advertising landscape.

Digital signage has many advantages over traditional print advertising such as billboards and posters; in that it is more dynamic, modern and flexible.

Dynamic Advertising

The problem with traditional print posters and billboards is that with we are so used to seeing them they become virtually invisible, especially when they are numerous in number. Digital signage has real advantages over print media in that not only do the changing images provoke engagement, the colours and general nature of digital advertising make it more eye-catching.

This engaging and dynamic nature of digital advertising is also amplified of the screens are outdoors as outdoor digital signage is still a relatively new concept which people have no yet become over-accustomed to.


Another advantage of digital signage is the modern look and feel it gives an environment. Compared to posters and billboards that can rip, become worn and fade, digital signage always looks modern and new which can help create an image of modernity which will add to a company’s reputation.


The flexibility of digital signage is another of its great strengths. Advertisements can be changed remotely or even timed to coincide with particular events such as when commuters are travelling through or at lunchtime where restaurants can provide specials.

Digital signage is a great way to provide advertising and raise brand awareness and while the initial costs of implementing digital signage can be quite high, the return on investment can be quite easy to make and when you consider the printing costs of traditional media, and the installation of it in outdoor locations, digital screens and outdoor digital signage can be less of a financial burden than most people presume.

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