Outdoor Advertising Tips – Go Digital

Advertisers are always looking for something new to break free from the crowd. The problem with most forms of advertising is that with so much about, people become accustomed to it and to make an impression becomes increasingly difficult.

With outdoor advertising this problem is amplified because of the amount of unsolicited bill posters and print media that dot our high streets and roadsides. Even legitimate media struggles to get noticed with advertisers forced to come up with novel, new and exciting ideas to engage viewers.

Outdoor digital signage is a fairly new medium and as such it still has a modernity and uniqueness that engages viewers as TV devices like LCD screens are not normally seen outside, but this engaging nature is not the only reason why outdoor digital signage is proving a real boon for outdoor advertisers.

Outdoor digital signage has also many practical implications that outdoor advertisers find attractive:

No technicians required to erect new adverts

One of the biggest overheads for outdoor advertisers is in replacing adverts with fresh content. A bill poster or roadside hoarding has to have somebody to remove the old content and replace with the new but with digital advertising there is no need for this.

Content on digital signage device can be uploaded remotely not just one sign but to a multitude of them.

Flexible content

Digital signage is also flexible, content can be changed daily, hourly or at set times that enable special offers or time sensitive promotions to be uploaded when appropriate.


Outdoor digital signage is a far more attractive, modern and aesthetically pleasing media than its print counterparts. Posters and hoardings can fade, rip, wear and can generally look shabby, however, outdoor digital signage always looks modern attractive and state-of-the-art.

Often in areas where outdoor digital signage is implemented the entire environment looks more modern and appealing, helping increase the reputation of businesses in the area and ultimately increase sales.

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