Advertisers, Thinking of Going Digital – Take it outside

Out of home advertising; advertisements that we see when we are out and about, has been around a long time. From the earliest days of printing, signs, adverts and poster campaigns were soon plastered along our high streets, railways stations and other outdoor areas.

This type of advertising has always been cost effective – especially compared to the high costs of advertising in newspapers, radio and television.

However, it wasn’t long before the high street and other outdoor locations became swamped with out of home advertising making it difficult for advertisers to get their message across in such a sea of marketing.

Legislation and other restrictions did ease the situation but outdoor advertisers have still struggled in such a competitive marketplace. However, with the advent of digital signage and more and more advertisers seeing the potential of the digital out of home advertising (Dooh) boom- its time to look at outdoor digital advertising.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has many benefits over both indoor digital signage and outdoor static signs and adverts making it an ideal medium for outdoor out of home advertising.

Not only does it have all the benefits of indoor digital advertising such as being more eye-catching and engaging than print media making it easier to stand out – Outdoor digital signage is actually more effective as it can reach far higher audiences than a similar campaign.

The only challenges face with implementing outdoor digital signage is ensuring it is adequately protected against the elements. Any outdoor screen needs to be waterproof and be able to cope with the varying ambient temperatures.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is one of the most cost effective methods for doing this. These steel TV enclosures are waterproof and often contain cooling fans and other temperature control devices. An LCD enclosure can also house standard devices enabling them to be taken outside for a the fraction of the cost of a built-for-outdoor TV.

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