IP69K Stainless Steel Monitor Enclosures

Stainless Steel IP69K Monitor

Stainless Steel IP69K Monitor Enclosure

Keep your food or pharmaceutical production line workers informed with real-time metrics displayed on a 55" KPI screen. The stainless steel IP69K monitor is designed to withstand thorough daily washing and steam cleaning.

IP69K Waterproof Screen Chassis

IP69K Waterproof Screen Chassis

The IP69K waterproof screen chassis houses a 75" screen capable of enduring rigorous washdown. Its IP69K rating ensures protection against high-pressure, high-temperature steam cleaning, enabling your factory to meet the most up-to-date sanitary standards.

Industrial IP69K Display

316 stainless-steel industrial IP69K display

Safely install 65" screens in washdown locations. The industrial IP69K display has a food-grade construction ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing and fresh produce and meat processing.

IP69K Waterproof PC Workstation

Stainless-steel IP69K waterproof PC workstation with keyboard

Protect a PC and 24" monitor from intensive steam cleaning and harsh chemical agents. The IP69K waterproof PC workstation is ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing.

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What Is IP69K? A Beginner's Guide

what is IP69K article thumbnail

IP69K certification indicates that the equipment can endure rigorous cleaning with high-pressure, high-temperature jets. It proves especially valuable for food processing and other highly sanitised industries. Discover more about the IP69K test, the advantages it brings to businesses, and explore the range of Armagard products designed to meet this exceptional standard.

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